Bennetts Bum Buddy Traveller Disposable Pack

Established in 2011, Kangopak is a family-owned producer of stand-up, flat, quad-seal and spout pouches. The company name was the brainchild of Clive Schlachter’s wife Lyndsay, derived from the connection between a female kangaroo’s pouch and a standup pouch.

Bennett Brothers, established in 1992, specialises in baby toiletries. The Bennetts Bum Buddy Traveller – winner of Most Innovative Product in the Toiletry category at last year’s Mama Magic Baby Expo – was developed to complement the Bennetts Bum Buddy to make the lives of parents (and grandparents) as easy and convenient as possible. It removes the hassle of having to pack full-size products and provides the convenience of having two needed products handy in a small travel pack when on the move.

Maverick Flexibles prints New Media Design’s creative talents on the Kangopak dispenser.